NICE Information Service is the one and only company that
provides overall financial infrastructure services.
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Our CI stands for credibility and reliability,
accuracy and professionalism, and courage and creativity.

NICE Group

Primary Identifier of NICE Group uses NICE, the acronym of National Information & Credit Evaluation, Inc. NICE is more recognizable both in vision and sound, so its usage has expanded to become corporate identity beyond brand identity.

The background square frame represents the venue of credibility and reliability and adds a modern touch to the CI. The graphic motif at the center highlights NICE's commitment to becoming the "light" of credible society, customer value, and draw attention to the primary identifier. A balanced combination of symbol mark and work mark reinforces visibility and symbolism of the CI.

The Blue color stands for The combination of symbol mark and word mark enhances visibility and symbolism of the CI The Blue color represents credibility, trust, accuracy and professionalism, and Orange represents courage and creativity.

Primary Identifierdownload


Main Color Version

  • NICE Blue
    Pantone 2945C

    C100 M75 Y0 K0

  • NICE Orange
    Pantone 151C

    C0 M50 Y100 K0

  • NICE Black

    C0 M50 Y100 K0

Sub Color Version

  • NICE Gray
    Pantone 431C

    C0 M0 Y0 K70

  • NICE Light Green
    Pantone 7495C

    C60 M20 Y80 K0

  • NICE Green Gray
    Pantone 624C

    C60 M20 Y30 K20

  • NICE Gold
    Pantone 873C

  • NICE Silver
    Pantone 877C

  • NICE Yellow
    Pantone 777C

    C20 M30 Y100 K0

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Horizontal type(Korean)


Horizontal type(English)

Nice Information Service