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NICE Information Service currently holds the largest credit information database in the domestic market on the basis of know-how experience it had accumulated over the years, also with a lot of experts and improved market awareness.

Credit Composite Service for Business Commerce

Under the further increase in the volume of business transacted, NICE Credit Composite Service for Business Commerce comes with the inquiry service to monitor client information and credit status. Also, the registration service of delinquent borrower’s information for debt-collection will be served to you.

Self-Credit Evaluation Solution Consulting Service

Self-Credit Evaluation Solution Consulting Service navigates your credit score and risk with the deeper rumination through personal credit risk and the highly developed multi-dimensional financial systems. R-CLIPS(Credit & Learning Integrated Planning System), CSS(Credit Scoring System), N-Strategy, etc. are the leading services to establish the advanced financial infrastructure.

Self-credit Management Internet Service

For people today under the information-oriented society, we provide diversified personal information solution service. To examine self-information in order to manage credit infromation, accounts, or etc. in detail, help you understand the each factor of your credit status. To prevent from cramming, we also notify you if some changes in your financial status just occur. We are here to make your information safe from the new demand of menaces.

NICE ID Service

Since August 18th 2012, according to the implementation of prohibited clause of use and collect users' registration numbers for provider of information and communication from the amended Article 23-2 (Restrictions on Use of Resident Registration Numbers) on 'The Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.', NICE Self-Authentication services such as NICE IPIN, Name Verification, etc. ensure the saftest zone amid surreptitious attempts of data leakage.