NICE Information Service is the one and only company that
provides overall financial infrastructure services.
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Nice Information Service Co.,Ltd. is Korea's the largest credit information corporate for individuals and businesses.

NICE Information Service Co.,Ltd. was founded by merging National Information & Credit Evaluation Inc., and Korea Information Service, Inc. in November 2010. As living history of the Korean infrastructure sector, the two companies has led the industry development before the merger.

NICE Information Serivce Co.,Ltd. provides credit bureau (CB) and corporate intelligence services, based on its extensive credit rating and analysis experiences, the largest credit information database in Korea, accumulated know-how, excellent professionals and market reputation.

The CB business that offers individual credit records and history, authentication and solution services has contributed to advancing the financial decision-making system of Korean companies. The corporate intelligence business provides accurate and reliable information on 4.2million companies and 500,000 politicians and business people through diverse different channels, including online and offline, to support business decision making.