We, as the industry leader, will assure you to stay in the right path.
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Corporate CB
NICE Information Service provides various corporate information services such information inquiry, valuation, technology credit evaluation, and credit risk consulting. We at NICE Information Service, as the industry leader, assist you to stay in the right path.

Corporate Information Inquiry Service

Corporate Information Inquiry Serivce that is conducted by a lot of experts is encompassed by the huge scale of database of credit evaluation, market analysis, risk management, etc. 'KISLINE', the M/S #1 on-line composite corporate information platform service, binds the diverse information including firm, industry, finance, human resource, etc. as a single category. For the mobile users, 'Power Enterprise Search' mobile applicaton service also supports our clients in need of assistance to every moment. Furthermore, 'KISVALUE' and 'CreditGrade' navigate you to meet the trustworthy database of credit, market trend, and affiliates analysis.

Industrial Analysis Information Service

For user’s convenience with timeliness review, NICE Industry (Industrial Analysis Information Service) provides various industrial dispersed information in all together. Industrial analysis and evaluation service shall assist you to fully understand the specific industry that you are looking for.

Client Credit Management Service

Client Credit Management Service delivers better prospect for sales and managements' particular needs. Based on 2.4 Million of firms in South Korea, RM1 aand KISReport ramps up the new customer line by monitoring the status of joint vendors, etc. Early Warning System will alert once the required credit score goes below. For 180 countries such U.S. (United States), U.K. (United Kingdom), Japan, China, etc., multilingual (Korea, English, Japanese) reports are also available.

Corporate Information Data Service

To maintain thoroughly consistent state of database between NICE and clients, the various transportation systems such FTP (File Transfer Protocol) on web such as KISDATA, Data Customized, Corporate Information API, DataLine, etc. are appertaining to Corporate Information Data Service.

Corporate Evaluation Service

The service is mainly to review and analyze the certain data from our company its own, and the other affiliated financial institution in depth. Also precised credit analysis technique and due diligence process provides certification of the firm’s credibility. We also had built network system to stay connected with the international areas. So, it does not matter even though you cannot get validated documents from the reputable organizations. All related evaluation reports could be printed out for submitting in public or any other organizations.

Corporate Credit Risk Consulting

Following the IFRS, NICE Information Service construct various models such as credit reviewing table to precisely compute the corporate credit. The result of evalution contains the financial statement analysis including the fraudulent accounting screening, sensitivity to business conditions, etc. If you are willing to see our project lists with clients, please check out the below link [Project List] as follow.

Technology Credit Evaluation (TCB) Service

Technology Credit Evaluation (TCB) Service evaluates the growth potential of technology based upon technological prowess and competitiveness to enable its business capabilities. Through this service, it precisely computes TCB Grade and its further growth probabilities to obtain required capital efficiently.

Corporate Information Additional Service

Through the partnership with input service institutions, we extract and transmit corporate information in real-time by using BIG (Business Information Gateway) service. We believe that our BIG service accelerates information literacy to minimize throughput time.